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Compliance breaches dog Telstra’s structural separation

Structural Separation Undertaking compliance issues have arisen largely from errors made by Telstra staff, according to the ACCC

Compliance breaches have continued to dog the separation of Telstra’s wholesale and retail businesses, despite overall improvements in the process, according to a new report by the Australian competition watchdog.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) tabled its Telstra’s Structural Separation Undertaking annual compliance report in Parliament on 27 April.

In the report, the ACCC suggests that Telstra’s compliance with its Structural Separation Undertaking (SSU) has, on the whole, continued to improve, despite reports of a “small number” SSU compliance breaches.

“The compliance issues discussed in this report largely arise from errors made by Telstra staff in the course of their day-to-day work which has resulted in the unauthorised disclosure of confidential or commercially sensitive information regarding wholesale customers (protected info…

South African Telecommunications Providers Bolster ICT Services

CAPE TOWN, South Africa,Apr 26, 2017 (PR Newswire Europe via COMTEX) -- Mobile data-driven diversification strategies create greater growth opportunities for the industry, finds Frost & Sullivan's Digital Transformation team

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- An increase in affordability of internet and telephony services, as well as a growing adoption of the latest technology business models by companies, is attracting significant investment into the South African ICT industry. Aggressive service diversification, along with strategic partnerships and acquisitions, are altering the industry landscape, compelling market participants to gauge market trends and growth opportunities before designing their services.

"ICT companies are creating new revenue streams through the offer of software-defined data centres, flash storage, cloud-based mobile apps, non-core outsourcing and business intelligence," said Frost & Sullivan Digital Transformation Sen…

Essential Business Telephone Skills by Proxyfone

As communication plays a major role to run an efficient business, therefore, it’s very much important to understand the skill and techniques to make a proper business call. Hence this time Proxyfone who provides cloud-based unified communication and variant telephonic opportunities and features. As trying to boost your communication skill by avail you with some essential business telephone skills. Given below are some following tips provided by that could give you a quick review:
Answering a Business Call
A three-section welcome will kick your cancels easily. The three sections are support words, the organization or division name and your name. It is less vital data, however than the other two sections, so it's not basic on the off chance that it gets cut off by your guest toward the start of the discussion. Take after that cushion expression with the name of the organization or division and after that your name.
Putting a Caller on Hold
Make certain to let the guest …

Top Telecommunications Stocks to Buy in 2017, and 1 to Avoid

Three of these telecom stocks could make you rich. With the fourth one, you'll probably lose your shirt
Telecom stocks often present a mix of stable dividends and growth potential that's downright tempting for many investors. It's also a dynamic industry in a constant state of change. It's easy to miss some of the best investment opportunities in this sector -- or to get sucked in by some of the worst.

Here, I'll show you three very different investment theses for Telefonica (NYSE:TEF), Telephone & Data Systems (NYSE:TDS), and soon-to-be telecom DISH Network (NASDAQ:DISH). And then you'll see why it's better to just stay away from the seemingly attractive Frontier Communications (NASDAQ:FTR) until further notice.

International intrigue
At first glance, Spanish telecom giant Telefonica might not look too good. Both top-line revenues and bottom-line earnings have been falling in recent years. The stock has been dead money over the last five years and a nega…

Zambia approves new telecommunication licensing framework

The Zambian cabinet has approved a new licensing framework for the telecommunication industry, a senior official said Friday.

Minister of Transport and Communication Brian Mushimba said the new framework was aimed at re-aligning and promoting competition in the sector.

He told reporters that the new licensing framework would also encourage for more investment in the sector.

“The new regime now allows any operator to apply for a license of data. This will also allow for more competition in the sector, improve quality of service and lower costs of services in the sector,” he said.

The government, he said, has cleaned up the licensing framework to unleash the potential of the industry in order to take advantage of the latest technological advancements.

The old licensing system had a restrictive framework that did not allow the entry of more mobile phone service providers. End item
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The Future of Telecommunication - Video Dailymotion

Proxyfone - The Future of Telecommunication - Video Dailymotion: Grab your attention now! As ProxyFone are up with their starter, medium and premium business phone plans packages that you can avail while screening some of the best for your organization.

Three telecommunication trends to watch in 2017

The telecommunications landscape is set to see a drastic transformation this year as the industry continues to transform its business models and services to better serve the digital consumer. In Singapore, we will see the entry of the nation’s fourth telco, TPG. Companies like TPG represent the future of telecommunications in Singapore – in line with service providers looking to transform their business models to better serve digital consumers – while managing traditional networks and systems. With TPG being the first digital-only operator, such service providers will provide consumers with greater price competitiveness and customer experience over its competitors.

Digital services to consumers on-the-go are reaching an all-time high, and the entry of TPG is certainly timely. 2017 may just be the year when we see such “B2B2X” business models – digital services delivered to any number of end-users, including enterprise, retail, partner, suppliers or end consumers – contribute significa…

Honorin National Public Safety Telecommunications Week

For Blake Miller, a 5 year veteran with the Regional Communications Center, Public Safety work is in his blood. Miller says, “My grandfather was a fire chief. My uncle was a firefighter. It’s everywhere. I can’t get away from public safety.

Miller says he loves his job, “I love coming to work. I love tackling a challenge every time you pick up the phone, figuring something out, getting somebody help.”

He says the hardest part is the unknown, “Every time you pick up the phone it’s like opening a door and you have not a clue what it is. It could be someone wanting to pay a parking ticket to someone’s child stop breathing.”

Dispatchers like Miller are the first ones to be notified of a problem and get people the help they need. But, they are often the unsung heroes in public safety.

Miller says, “We’re the nerve center. We’re the first first-res ponders. We may not be there, but we’re there first through a phone call and we can tell you how to stop a person from bleeding, we can tell you h…

You Are Now Paying Internet Companies to Sell Your Browsing History to Advertisers

Unprecedented, misguided, counterproductive and potentially extremely harmful,” cried the Association of National Advertisers in 2016. Barack Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had just prohibited internet service providers (ISPs) from selling your browsing history. But the
 association needn’t have worried.

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On April 3, Donald Trump signed a repeal of FCC privacy rules passed under Obama, following the previous week’s party-line votes in the House and Senate…

Proxyfone - What's That Infrastructure (Wireless Telecommunications) - Video Dailymotion

Proxyfone - What's That Infrastructure (Wireless Telecommunications) - Video Dailymotion: - Proxyfone – A One Stop Solution for your communication needs The airwaves are awash with invisible communications keeping us connected and facilitating our information society. All that telecommunication requires a lot of infrastructure! Today's episode of WIT shows some wireless telecommunications.

Proxyfone - The Concept YouTube 360p


Proxyfone- Youtube Create Playlist

If you want to create a playlist using YouTube, the process is easy and painless. It's easy to create a YouTube music playlist once you're logged on to the site. Just find a video of the song you want to hear. Next, click the "Add to" option underneath the video to add it to a playlist.

Proxyfone | Ten top tips for using the internet


How the Republicans Sold Your Privacy to Internet Providers

On Tuesday afternoon, while most people were focused on the latest news from the House Intelligence Committee, the House quietly voted to undo rules that keep internet service providers — the companies like Comcast, Verizon and Charter that you pay for online access — from selling your personal information.

The Senate already approved the bill, on a party-line vote, last week, which means that in the coming days President Trump will be able to sign legislation that will strike a significant blow against online privacy protection.

The bill not only gives cable companies and wireless providers free rein to do what they like with your browsing history, shopping habits, your location and other information gleaned from your online activity, but it would also prevent the Federal Communications Commission from ever again establishing similar consumer privacy protections.

The bill is an effort by the F.C.C.’s new Republican majority and congressional Republicans to overturn a simple but vitally…

How Proxyfone seeks the solution for your business communication troubles?

Are you eager to know how Proxyfone seeks the solution for your business communication troubles and save your hundreds of dollar in your telecom bill? Also, wanted to know what all key points they keep in mind to provide to satisfy the demand of their clients as per their expectation?
Then here are few points provided by that help you to understand how Proxyfone seeks the solution for your business communication troubles and along with this come up with other responsibilities that are required for customers’ satisfaction. Given below are the following five points the manner in which Proxyfone get liable to understand and resolve the problems of the customers that are related to telecom:     
They provide it's clients the best knowledge and expertise services in network planning and business telephony in two different ways and depending on their customer requirement. Where customers can go with full or they can choose some unique solution fr…

Pupils need internet lessons to thrive online, say Lords

Learning to survive in a world dominated by the internet should be as important for children as reading and writing, says a House of Lords report.
Lessons about online responsibilities, risks and acceptable behavior should be mandatory in all UK schools, the Lords Communications Committee argues.

The internet is "hugely beneficial" but children need awareness of its hazards, said committee chairman Lord Best.

Industry leaders said education was key to keeping children safe online.

The Lords report builds on findings by the Children's Commissioner for England in January that the internet is not designed for children, despite them being the biggest users by age group.

"Children inhabit a world in which every aspect of their lives is mediated through technology: from health to education, from socializing to entertainment.

"Yet the recognition that children have different needs to those of adults has not yet been fully accepted in the online world," say the Lor…

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High-Speed, Affordable Internet: Broadband Users Spoilt For Choice

There’s never been a better time to get a home broadband connection in India. The Netflix and Hot star-esque video-streaming platforms will be pleased. With speeds ranging up to 100 Mbps and no data usage limit, the new high-speed internet also comes in an affordable package.

With prices starting from Rs 999, 100GB data limits and speeds up to 40Mbps, these are exciting days for anyone who can’t survive without the internet. All thanks to internet brands like Spectra net, ACT Fiber net and a few others.

Airtel and BSNL have shortchanged internet users in India with their mediocre speeds, and fair usage policy (FUP) that only offers limited data usage. But all that is now passé. Let’s see who measures up in 2017: . The Contenders
How come we are suddenly getting high-speed internet? It’s all thanks to the use of fibre optic cables. In comparison to fixed-line copper cables, fibre optics are equipped to handle high-speed internet activity, without worrying about running out of data.


Internet was taken down by one small typo at Amazon's web services

A worker retrieves goods from shelves at Amazon's warehouse on December 5, 2014 in Hemel Hempstead, England Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
Amazon accidentally took down large swathes of the internet with just one typo.

This week, many of the world's biggest websites and services stopped working because of a problem with Amazon Web Services, the platform that the retailer provides to power people's Proxyfone. One of its sites went offline because of the issue – and since thousands of websites rely on it, including many of the world's biggest, they immediately went completely offline or stopped working.

Websites like Quora, Trello and some of the world's biggest news sites went offline or stopped working properly when the issue happened. It even emerged that people's houses broke down – internet-enabled ovens, lights and front gates stopped working as a result of the outage.
Now it has emerged that all of those problems were the result of just one small typo on a se…

How to reset network settings in Windows

If you can't connect to the internet on your PC or laptop, here's how to reset network settings in Windows.

First, though, try and establish where the fault lies. Can other devices in the house get online? Can you load websites via a different web browser? If the answer to both is no, chances are your broadband connection is down, or the router needs resetting. Try powering off your router and restarting it a minute later. For more, see How to fix broadband connection problems

If the issue seems to be limited to Internet Explorer, it could be that a proxy server has been set - maybe without your knowledge. We explain separately how to change proxyfone settings in IE

Alternatively, it could be a software or hardware problem with your computer's network adapter. Often, restarting your computer will fix this, but you can also make sure Windows is fully up to date by opening the Control Panel from the Start Menu and searching for 'Windows Update'.
How to reset network s…

Which network is the fastest and which one should you choose?

While some service providers have been offering hundreds of Mbps in metro cities, according to 'state of internet' reports by Akamai the average internet speed in India is still around 4.1Mbps.

If you are looking for high-speed internet for proxyfone at your home, there are many network providers which give you the option of 50Mbps or more. There are options of lower speeds too, but there is a bone of contention there, as the fares are extremely confusing. While big players like Airtel offers 16MBps speed for a cap of 30 to 100 GBs, the same amount of money can give you unlimited 150 Mbps speed from providers like Hathaway and many other local services. But there is a basic difference one needs to understand, which will provide a better clarity of the speeds that the ISPs offer.

There is a difference between MBps and Mbps, and you need to check the unit before you get overawed by the face value of the number. So, if a provider says it will give you the internet …

How Green Is Your Internet


Republicans may reverse internet privacy rules

Republicans may try to reverse a landmark privacy rule that requires internet providers to get permission before sharing your web browsing data and other sensitive information with outside companies.

Politico reports that Senate Republicans are planning to that would reverse the rules, which began going into effect at the beginning of the year.

It would be easy enough for them to do, too. The Congressional Review Act allows a new Congress to reverse rules recently passed by federal agencies — in this case, the rule comes from the FCC. The New York Times has a good explainer on the intricacies of how the law works, but the gist is that only need a simple majority vote in both chambers, and a signature from the president, to reverse a recent rule.
"One way or another, these rules are getting rol…

Appeals court presses Trump administration on travel ban

President Donald Trump's order temporarily banning U.S. entry to people from seven Muslim-majority countries came under intense scrutiny on Tuesday from a federal appeals court that questioned whether the ban unfairly targeted people over their religion.

During a more than hour-long oral argument, a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals pressed a government lawyer whether the Trump administration's national security argument was backed by evidence that people from the seven countries posed a danger.

Judge Richard Clifton, a George W. Bush appointee, posed equally tough questions for an attorney representing Minnesota and Washington states, which are challenging the ban. Clifton asked if a Seattle judge's suspension of Trump's policy was "overboard." The 9th Circuit said at the end of the session it would issue a ruling as soon as possible. Earlier on Tuesday, the court said it would likely rule this week but would not issue a same-day ruli…

Trump's TPP withdrawal 5 things to know

Washington President Donald Trump has begun carrying out his campaign pledges to undo America's trade ties -- starting Monday with executive action to pull the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
"Great thing for the American worker, what we just did," Trump told reporters Monday in the Oval Office as he signed the order.
For More Information :- Eric Bradner

The future of self driving cars


Fact Checking Donald Trump’s Job Creation Claims

Donald Trump has consistently sought credit for the several high-profile jobs announcements made by big companies in the weeks following his election.

"Because of what's happening and the spirit and the hope, I was just called by the head people at Sprint and they're going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back to the United States and taking them from other countries," Trump told reporters back in December. On Twitter, he's boasted about his role in creating and keeping jobs in America.
But is the president-elect, still days away from his swearing-in ceremony, actually behind what might appear to be a hiring bonanza? Economic evidence suggests otherwise, indicating instead that he did not cause most of the new hiring.

GM announced it was creating 450 new American jobs on Tuesday, for example, and moving 6,000 existing technology jobs back to the United States. The company's official announcement does not mention Trump or the federal government. Instead, it casts the …

Market to experience tremendous growth