High-Speed, Affordable Internet: Broadband Users Spoilt For Choice

There’s never been a better time to get a home broadband connection in India. The Netflix and Hot star-esque video-streaming platforms will be pleased. With speeds ranging up to 100 Mbps and no data usage limit, the new high-speed internet also comes in an affordable package.

With prices starting from Rs 999, 100GB data limits and speeds up to 40Mbps, these are exciting days for anyone who can’t survive without the internet. All thanks to internet brands like Spectra net, ACT Fiber net and a few others.

Airtel and BSNL have shortchanged internet users in India with their mediocre speeds, and fair usage policy (FUP) that only offers limited data usage. But all that is now passé. Let’s see who measures up in 2017:
The Contenders

How come we are suddenly getting high-speed internet? It’s all thanks to the use of fibre optic cables. In comparison to fixed-line copper cables, fibre optics are equipped to handle high-speed internet activity, without worrying about running out of data.

ACT Fiber net, Spectra net and Excite are brands that have managed to separate themselves from the old order with aplomb

When Ajay decided to go with Excitel for broadband at his home, he couldn’t believe what he’d struck upon. After initial hesitation, many users like Ajay have found the solace and frugality that internet users have been deprived of in India.
Understanding the pain points of users, ACT Fibernet and Spectranet are keen on changing the face of broadband in the country for good.


ACT Fiber net is yet to expand its footprint beyond South India and a few parts of Delhi, but for what it’s worth, Palladium feels that with high-speed internet , their patience is definitely paying them dividends.

Spectra net is the other ISP worth talking about, with its similar broadband internet tactics catching the eye of the new-age internet user.
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