Honorin National Public Safety Telecommunications Week


For Blake Miller, a 5 year veteran with the Regional Communications Center, Public Safety work is in his blood. Miller says, “My grandfather was a fire chief. My uncle was a firefighter. It’s everywhere. I can’t get away from public safety.

Miller says he loves his job, “I love coming to work. I love tackling a challenge every time you pick up the phone, figuring something out, getting somebody help.”

He says the hardest part is the unknown, “Every time you pick up the phone it’s like opening a door and you have not a clue what it is. It could be someone wanting to pay a parking ticket to someone’s child stop breathing.”

Dispatchers like Miller are the first ones to be notified of a problem and get people the help they need. But, they are often the unsung heroes in public safety.

Miller says, “We’re the nerve center. We’re the first first-res ponders. We may not be there, but we’re there first through a phone call and we can tell you how to stop a person from bleeding, we can tell you how to do CPR. We try to get police, fire, medical personnel there as quickly as possible.”

That’s why this week is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, but Miller says they don’t need the special recognition.

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